Home Chef Challenge





Entry Registration deadline is Monday, October 2. Pre-registration is required.

All competitors are required to submit a NC Substitute W-9 form when they register. Click here for a fillable form.

Entries can be submitted via email to: ncsfCompetitions@ncagr.gov


Type your recipe on a 8½ x 11 sheet of paper and attach it to your entry form.
Entries must be legible and include a phone number or they will be disqualified.


See each individual competition for contest dates, rules, judging criteria, prizes, additional requirements and mailing instructions.


Home Chef Challenge Rules, Code of Ethics and Entry Form


Entry forms may be mailed to:

N.C. State Fair Entry Office

1010 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1010

Entry forms may be hand delivered to:

N.C. State Fair Entry Office

4285 Trinity Road

Raleigh, NC 27607


Please note that entries mailed to 4285 Trinity Rd. will NOT be delivered to the Fairgrounds. This is NOT a deliverable USPS address. Mail your entries to NC State Fair - Entry Dept 1010 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1010


For more information, contact the N.C. State Fair Entry Department at 919.839.4513.


The Home Chef Challenges are held in the North Lobby of Dorton Arena. Contestants will receive 2 gate tickets and a parking pass for Lot C on Trinity Road. A free shuttle will take you to the fair and drop you off at Gate 12 or 3 which is an easy walk to Dorton Arena.




Slam Dunk Sliders Challenge


presented by Primetime with the Pack NC State Wolfpack Basketball



FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13 - 3 p.m.


Bella's Birthday Bash Challenge

State Fair


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14 - 10 a.m.


Boozy Bites: Appetizers with SPIRIT! Challenge

presented by the Distillers Association of North Carolina



SUNDAY - OCTOBER 15 - 2 p.m.


Down Home Dessert: Banana Pudding Challenge


presented by Ambetter Health of North Carolina

Ambetter health


MONDAY - OCTOBER 16 - 10 a.m.


Luscious Layer Cake Challege

State Fair

TUESDAY - OCTOBER 17 - 11 a.m.


Cast Iron Chicken Pot Pie Challenge


presented by Carolina Cooker

Carolina Cooker


WEDNESDAY - OCTOBER 18 - 10 a.m.


MREs in '23: Make-Ahead Lunch Challenge


presented by Wegmans



THURSDAY - OCTOBER 19 - 10 a.m.


Carnitas Street Taco Challenge


presented by Smithfield Foods



FRIDAY - OCTOBER 20 - 10 a.m.


Summer Salad of the South:

Kickin' Chicken Salad Challenge


presented by House of Raeford Farms



SATURDAY - OCTOBER 21 - 10 a.m.


Let's Get Cheesy: Mac-n-Cheese Challenge

State Fair



SUNDAY - OCTOBER 22 - 2 p.m.


Not Your Mama's Sausage Balls Challenge


presented by Nahunta Pork Center