clear bag


In an effort to improve fairgoer safety and efficiency of entry into the N.C. State Fair, a modified clear bag policy will be in place in 2023. This policy is only in effect for the N.C. State Fair in October and does not extend to additional events held at the N.C. State Fairgrounds.


The N.C. State Fair will operate two security checkpoints at each gate. Those fairgoers who bring a clear bag will go through a much quicker inspection, while those with an opaque bag will go through our bag search line. In an effort to get you into the fun as quickly as possible, please bring your items in a clear bag. There is no size limit to the clear bag being accepted.


Outside food and drink, water bottles, diaper bags with baby/toddler supplies and medications are allowed.


Alcoholic beverages, drugs, firearms, knives, brass knuckles, batons and/or weapons of any type are not allowed.


Service dogs are allowed. All pets are prohibited.


PLEASE NOTE: The N.C. State Fair reserves the right to prohibit any item deemed dangerous or unsuitable by public safety officers at security checkpoints. Prohibited items that are discovered during security inspections at the entrances must be either returned to the owner's vehicle or discarded. Unlawful items that are discovered during security inspections are subject to confiscation, and the person in possession of those items may be denied entrance into the N.C. State Fair and is subject to arrest.