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New foods will be released in early October.
 New Rides
New rides will be released in early October.

 New Attractions, Exhibits and Educational Opportunities

New attractions will be released as they are confirmed.


 New Free Grounds Entertainment
Bird Man

The Birdman: World Class Bird Shows


Near Gate 7 in the State Fair Conservation Forest


Head up to the N.C. Forest Service area, located behind Heritage Circle, and you'll find The Birdman World Class Bird Show! Joe Krathwohl and his team use creative, positive-reinforcement-based training to produce moving free-flight experiences so you can emotionally connect to their birds and learn more about avian wildlife and conservation.


Melody Farm Follies

Melody Farm Follies


Agri Supply Exposition Center Breezeway



Don't miss our award-winning Vegetable Extravaganza! Sing & dance with the Scarecrow and his very special friends! An animatronic theater show located between the Graham Building and Agri Supply Expo Center. You'll love watching Rocky Broccoli and all his vegetable friends.

Rock It

Rock-It the Robot


Roaming Kiddieland



Everyone's favorite robot is rocketing back to Raleigh! More than just a costume character, Rock-it is a high tech body puppet. Rock-It projects an array of blue lights through his chest, arms and face.  At night, he puts on his own light show. This nine foot tall gentle giant stands head and shoulders above the crowds to greet and mingle with as many earthlings as possible.  


Dale Jones, One-Handed Juggler

So Good….He’s Ambidextrous!


North Dorton Arena Patio



Comedy juggler Dale Jones has been called the most unique juggler in the world with good reason. Jones invented an entirely new way to juggle in order to compensate for his right hand (which he injured severely at age eight).  Get ready to full out belly laugh with Dale as he incorporates world-class comedy along with his juggling.