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January - June 2017 Schedule for the Gov. James B. Hunt, Jr. Horse Complex
Sheri Bridges
Horse Facility Sales
Horse Complex Office:
919- 839-4701

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Show Phone
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13-15 Carolina Piedmont Dog Agility Greg Fontaine 828-275-8010
  20-22 NCHJA "C"Indoors Joan Petty


26-29 Raleigh Winter I Classic A Hunter Joan Petty 919-669-9877

1 Wake Co. Agribusiness Co. Breakfast Dale Threatt-Taylor


2017 2 FFA Tractor Driving Contest Belinda Niedwick 919-515-4206
3 Southern National Draft Horse Pull & Coon Mule Jump - Southern Farm Show Calvin Davis 919-717-0323
  4 Triangle Area Polo Club Match David Brooks 919-949-0351
10-11 Carousel Farms American BullRiders Finals Jeff Mullen 919-796-8375
  18-19 Double L Bar Cowboy Mounted Shooters Dave Lohrey 919-671-7699
  23-26 Raleigh Indoors Winter II Classic 'A' Hunter Joan Petty 919-669-9877
  28-3/1 NC DOT Pavement Marking Seminar Ramona Atchley 919-773-2800

3-5 Ranch Sorting National Championship DaveWolfe 970-897-2901
2017 10-12 Triangle Farms Spring Indoors II NCHJA "C" Indoors Joan Petty 919-669-9877
  16-19 Raleigh Indoor Spring Classic Joan Petty 919-669-9877
  22-25 Raleigh Spring Premier Benefit Joyce Wilson 919-365-5149
  31 Triangle Farms Spring Indoor III NCHJA "C" Indoors Joan Petty 919-669-9877

1-2 Triangle Farms Spring Indoor III NCHJA "C" Indoors Joan Petty 919-669-9877
2017 7-9 Region 12 & 15 Arabian Horse Show Rory Meacham 919-906-3510
  13-15 Raleigh Invitational Show Joyce Wilson 919-365-5149
  19 ODB Co. Equipment  Show Carl Brewster 800-446-9823
  21-23 NCHJA "C" Outdoors (Barn E Ring) Joan Petty 919-669-9877
  22-23 North Central Open Benefit Show Richard Isley 336-908-3302
  27-30 Easter Bunny Quarter Horse Margaret Byrd 919-410-9859

3-7 AQHA Novice Championship Patty Carter 806-376-4811
2017 11-14 Andalusion Breed Show Kevin Kidder 949-292-8980
20 Wake County 4-H Horse Show Heather Schaffer 919-250-1093
  21 District 4-H Horse Show Bill Crouse 919-624-1014
  24-27 Southern States Regional Morgan Show Liz Holmes 919-765-2559

2-4 Capital Dressage Classic Sandy Donovan 901-218-0613
8-17 Tarheel Triple Classic QH Shows Perry Davis 910-395-4306
  23-25 NCAHA Open Summer Extravaganza Rory Meachum 919-906-3510
  28-7/2 NCHJA Annual Hunter Show NCHJA Office 919-538-4781

5-9 State 4-H Horse Show Lori Stroud 919-515-5788
14-16 Trianglewide Horseman's Association Kim Moser 919-219-0256
  15-16 NCQHA District IV Novice No Bling Quarter Horse Show Susan Daniels 919-894-0600
  21-23 NCHJA "C" Indoors  Joan Petty 919-669-9877
  29-30 Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II - E Barn arenas Janine Malone 919-269-7307

4-6 Finally Farm Horse Show Series Lesley Jenks 919-280-8087
12-13 UHC Youth Day Show Renee Marshall 919-795-8659
  12-13 Carolina Paint Horse Clubs Show Al Bendig 704-499-3589
  25-27 NCHJA "C"Indoors Joan Petty 919-669-9877

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