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2013 N.C. State Fair Competitive Exhibits Update

Special thanks to all the exhibitors who provided us with valuable feedback on our surveys last year!  As a result of that feedback, we are pleased to announce the following improvements for this year’s competitions:

Beer Competition

  • Beer categories have been expanded to 23 categories.
  • Beer registration will be exclusively online this year.
  • Beer identification labels will be available for printing from the competitions page of the website.

Cheese Competition

  • Previously included butter entries, now just a cheese competition
  • Now known as an International Cheese Competition, accepting entries from around the world
  • New category this year:  Open Class Soft Ripened Cheese

Flower & Garden Exhibits

  • New  Creative Gardening exhibit category in 1st Flower Show
  • Only one Bonsai Show this year


  • Increase in premiums for the largest pumpkin by weight and the largest watermelon by weight
  • The Market Display category has a new theme: “Harvest Celebration”.
  • The Youth section has a new category:  Best Decorated Sweet Potato.

Arts & Photography

  • Criteria for judging will be listed in the premium book, and juror statements will be available for viewing upon request during the Fair.

Graphic Design Competition

  • Formerly known as the Web & Graphic Design competition.  This year, only graphic design entries will be received.


  • Several new rabbit categories have been added to the competition.


  • New Award:  The Ashe County Piece Makers Quilt Guild will award a $25 prize to the blue ribbon winner from the Junior and Senior division quilted articles category.


  • New categories:  dried figs and watermelon rind preserves
  • New Neomonde Artisan Bread Division for Culinary & Baking Students
  • New Exceptional/Special Needs Division & Creative Cookie Award.
  • New sugar-free, gluten-free, and fat-free categories added.


  • New award:  The ‘Ol North State Knitting Guild will award $50 to one of the first place winners from the hand knitted categories.

Home Furnishings

  • New quilt category:  Exhibitor’s Original Pattern
  • Non-threaded Needlecraft categories added:  Receiving blankets now accepted in the hand crocheted and hand knitted divisions.

Handicrafts & Hobbies

  • New Adolescent Class (Ages 10-14); Youth Class now (Ages 15-18)
  • New Woodworking changes: 
    • Hand & Power Carving now separate divisions 
    • New woodworking categories: 
      • Beginner Woodworking Technique (soap carving)
      • Creative Woodworking (embellished wood crafts)
      • N.C. theme Woodworking (depicts N.C. history or traditions)
  • New Scrapbooking category:  NC theme
  • New Lego NC theme – travel/vacation category
  • Best of Show Basketry & Woven Items Awards now include a recipient from the children and adolescent age groups.

Essay Competition

  • Sixth thru twelfth grades must cite sources and give credit for all data and information as needed.




N.C. State Fair, Wesley Wyatt, Manager
Mailing Address: 1010 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1010
Physical Address: 1025 Blue Ridge Blvd, Raleigh NC 27607
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