G. Kent Yelverton, P.E.

Assistant Manager - Operations & Hunt Horse Complex Manager

Ray Frost

Assistant Manager - Administration James Romer

Public Safety & Security Chief

Amy Alford

Public Safety & Security Major Ricky Martin

Interim Switchboard Operator/Receptionist

Felecia Graham

Administrative Assistant & Commercial Space Administrator

Letrice Midgett

Horse Complex Secretary

Sheri Bridges

Accounting and Purchasing

Budget and Human Resources Director

Cheryl Hearn

Administrative Assistant for Budget and Human Resources

Renee Atkinson

Interim Purchasing Agent

Dean Nunnally

Purchasing & Budget Assistant Kay Holloman

Competitions, Events, Marketing and Media

Facility Sales Director

Claudine Davis

Facility Sales Assistant Alyson McKinney

Public Information Officer
N.C. State Fair Advertising/Marketing/Special Events/Media

Sarah Ray

Marketing & Promotions Assistant Tyson Watson

Competitive Exhibits Director

John Buettner

Sponsorship Director

Angie Crone

Assistant Sponsorship Director Josh Copenhaver

Entertainment Director

Deep South Entertainment

N.C. Ag Centers Director of Marketing & Development

Chris Bulla


Facility Engineering

Bill McClure

Building Operations Supervisor

Dempsey Means

Landscape Operations Supervisor

Dudley Baggett 

Grounds Superintendent

Joe Crosby

Safety Coordinator & Maintenance Office Manager

Peter Green

Warehouse Manager Danny Draag


Advance & Corporate Sales Patti Craven

Press Office


Brian Long

Assistant Director

Andrea Ashby

Public Information Officer

Heather Overton

Public Information Officer

Sarah Ray

Marketing & Promotions Assistant Tyson Watson
NCDA&CS Social Media Coordinator Jessica Alexander

Website, Graphic Design & Printing

Website Developer

Vani Kottapalli

Design & Publications Coordinator

Melanie Edwards

Graphic Designer

Allison Harn

Graphic Design Team

Gail Dragon, Chris Goodwin
& Amanda Morris

Printing Supervisor

Thomas Woodard

Printing Team

David Poole, Sherri Arnao, Floyd Hester, James Parker, Sam Walker,
Michael Rose, Ricky Smith